**Untitled Rap**

I’m madd fuckin home sick
I gotta straighten up quick
Adjustin to this new shit
And dealin with the old shit
Shit is pilin up
It’s got my face screwed and locked son
I try to be the new one
Yet treated like the old one
Stuck in education’s registration
The temptation make a nigga wanna quit
Word life yo
Shit is gettin hard
Niggas stuntin hard
Pop’s is frontin hard
Stuck in fuckin misery
Phony bitches fakin sympathy
That’s what makes me hate
They don’t appreciate
That niggas holding back
And they don’t tell
Can’t tell, wont tell
Really wanna speak
But emotions got me locked up
The streets was my home
But I’m not ghetto
Kept it gutta
Under covers
Doin what them grown folks do
Now that’s mistake number two
I gotta take it back for one
Sneakin out the house was fun
It was dumb though
A YDH, with out the hoe
Niggas know I’m missin home
I’m comin back eventually
I wonder if my father even mentions me…

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