Open Mic… My First Time

So… I’m in Dallas, TX. Long way from home, but last night I had fun. My cousin and I, along with her best friend and a few co-workers went to a jazz club called TePheJez.
It reminded me of a play I did in High School for a book called ‘The Cotillion’. One of the scenes was in a spoken word cafe. Instead of clapping we would snap our approval, and that’s exactly what I walked into last night. The featured speaker, also known as “The Voice”, is the president of the ‘I Have A Dream Foundation’, an English major, and have a humorous play on words. Other artists had poems so deep it made you really think about life, love, and God.
Then there was the select few that talked about sex in a way that seemed so natural… so sexy… so soulful… so… so… so something I have never experienced before, and here I was thinking I’d been making good love all this time. I even joked with my cousin saying that we should leave early, because the words they were saying was making me want to have sex with men I didn’t even know, that’s how deep it was. I felt like with his words alone this man was undressing me, loving me, touching me, and caressing me… only with the syllables that came out of his mouth. I loved it. I loved it so much I was moved to do a poem of my own. I was nervous, since it was my first time ever reciting my poetry to strangers, but they loved me. I think I’m gonna go back next week.

This is what I said last night.

I love you, I love you, I love you
I hear myself say it all the time
But am I really speaking the truth
Or just repeating the same old lie
Pouring out of my mouth
Into the cup that is their heart
The sweet taste of the melodic words
To me it has become an art
So tell me since I lie about what I desire
Will there ever be someone that can truly inspire
My heart to open up
And experience what I imitate
Will love ever let me truly participate
I wonder…

I hate you, I hate you, I swear I do
For all the things you ever put me through
The pain, the lies, the years of my life
That I’ll never get back
And suffer for because of their lack
You, YES YOU, and your selfish actions
Have been one of the biggest distractions
In life, that I have yet to get over
And over, and over and over a-fucking-gain
I stress myself out
Over what YOU did to me in the past
I’m trying my best to get over it
But I cant just delete what is a part of me
That same pain that I hate is my very entity
It hurts me…

I want I want, no I need you
To come to me like you usually do
And like how you’re doing right now
It feels good to have you enter my mind
Travel through my body
Until you decide the way you want to exit
And release you wonder
Either through my mouth or my finger tips
Its beautiful the way you tome to me
Then are released by me into this world
As an expression, a thought, a quote or a song
These are my words…

Not bad for a first timer

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