For What Its Worth

Long distance relationships never really work out in the end. I’ve heard this many times from a lot of people, and have actually went through that same emotional roller coaster a few times myself. It seems that at one time or another in my life I’ve had to because I travel so much. I constantly ask myself, why am I doing this to myself. Always wondering where he is, why he didn’t answer his phone, and how come he’s out so late… If I’m stressing this hard and he doesn’t appreciate it, work on it, or even put in half the effort that I’m giving, then what is it worth?

“My fingers are numb, my arms are tired, and my heart is weak… Maybe I’m just holding on too tight for all the wrong reasons. Its not like you’re helping me up, as long as I’m not actually falling you think its okay because “I got it” but when are you gonna “have” me… Maybe I’m tired of holding on… for all the wrong reasons.” – TeLLiey*

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