Didn’t Almost Not

Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry…
Its the story of my life.
I’m such an emotional girl
Here it comes again
My chest feels tight….
***just wait***
***okay continue***
I feel neglected
My heart has such a yearning
Like nobody really cares
I want the love I never had
Hold on my eyes are burning
***just wait***
***okay continue***
Secret thoughts behind closed eyes
Memories I’ll never forget
Hugs and kisses
Re envisioned
Hold on my face is wet
***I cant wait***
***I wont Continue***
I cant wait for someone to come sweep me of my feet
Take me to a paradise
Because we’ve painted the world as hell
All the drugs that we sell
Deal, Use, Get high
Yea getting high makes me feel so right
But I’m still on the ground running
From my enemies but mostly from myself
I cant continue to do the things I’ve done
Expecting to get something greater
Greater Love
Greater Happiness
I haven’t even tried…
That’s why I cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
I give so much
All my heart and all my love
Treat everyone better than myself
Then wonder why I got the hand I was dealt.
Some one told my I didn’t love my self…
Maybe its true…

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