I feel like my life is in total and complete shambles…

I feel like I have no one to turn to that will hold me close and tell me that everything is gonna be okay.

I feel like I have no shoulder to break down and cry on

So I just bow my head in shame while the tears race each other down my pale face.

I feel like the one who was supposed to be… never was

And the one that never was… actually is.

I feel like the world was always against me

But I know that I was always against myself

I feel like I cant breathe, my heart is racing, but I cant take in air.

I feel like I’m in this by myself because circumstances make me think that people aren’t supposed to care.

They never did, they never do, and they never will…

Unless my body, or somebody is cold and lying still, then they will

I feel like … I feel… I… …

I cant even feel any more…

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