Changing faces from all the niggas I dated
Damn I hate it but such is life
I wanna be faithful
He says I’m ungrateful and rude
That’s not the case
I’m just blunt with the truth
But what ever
I’m not stressing over bullshit reactions
Life’s distractions are only what you let them be
Me, I have an issue with guys
No ones right
They all wanna fuKk you
But they don’t add to your life
You cum and they go
Then what??
See what I mean
My biggest concern should be “I, Myself, and Me”
But its not
Ima have to get it right soon
By the time I turn around my lil daughter gon be 2
I believe in second chances but I’m on 283
Can’t depend on nobody
Cuz I got somebody depending on me
I want the best life has to offer
Plus food stamps and medicaid
Trust, I’m paving roads straight to better days

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