Rebound Reflections

When I close my eyes, I get lost in the thoughts…
Of you, and of I, but mostly about us
Was it really love, or unavoidable circumstance?
Either way, you and I
Yes WE both took that chance
Carelessly of course
Which was unbeknownst to us
Still we took our shot at trying
To be young mature adults
And then it happened
The fucking turned to loving
My heart started catching feelings
And soon I was saying
“I will never leave him”
Yet here I am, by myself…
Well not with you anyway
This time last year
I could’ve never imagined I would’ve seen this day
But it was clear
Starting when I looked in the mirror
And couldn’t for the life of me
See a reflection of myself
I was lost…
And I still am a little
I know exactly what I want
The question is
How the hell do I get it?
I’m not wit it
This emotional roller coaster got me so sick wit it
I’m sick and tired of it
I try to learn from it
But its too complicated
So I get frustrated
When I listened to my heart
Its like I knew I was right
But when the shit fucked up
“I should’ve followed my mind” I thought
Just like I’m thinking right now
Taking notes for the future
About the shit that went down
WE scarred my heart
WE held on too long
WE tried to force us back together
And the flames it caused
Got us both burned
Now that the troubled waters are dying down
The smoke is clearing out…
Our hearts can be found
Broken and bruised
But still able to mend
I don’t know about you
But I already began

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