Adulting 101

Remember I said it…

When I sit around and laugh with my friends I often joke around and say “Yea watch, I’m gunna be famous, and if I’m not famous then I’m gunna be rich”. I say it in a joking matter but some don’t realize just how serious I am.

I believe that the only reason I have not been blessed with that which I desire is because Im simply not ready for it yet. God is not gunna give you a thousand dollars if you blow 100 on nonsense. So he cant bless me with my house until I get an apt. He cant give me a mini mansion until he sees that I can handle a house. But the most important thing to know is that God isn’t gunna just give you anything. You have to work hard for it, and when He knows that you’ll truly appreciate the blessings that He’s about to drench you with, you’ll be given everything your little heart desires. That goes for money, your house, your car (that you always wanted), even your significant other. Maybe you don’t have someone because you wouldn’t appreciate them if you did… ever thought about that?

Sometimes you don’t get what you want because of you. I realized that… I couldn’t have what I wanted, what I cried for, what I prayed for, simply because I refused to let go of the very thing that was holding me down and holding me back. But Never no more…

I got what I wanted
And I couldn’t be happier…
There’s still more coming…
And I’m still gunna be famous..
Or rich,
Either one works 🙂


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