Although I want you here and now
I do not dare to break the vow
I made
So long ago
A commitment to me
And also to He
That’s when it became a “We” kind of thing
That was before I met you
And now, as I reminisce on the times gone by
Those joyous occasions 
Turned to laughs done dry
Tears in my eyes, and worry in my head
Do I dare enter another man’s bed?
Does another woman belong there?
Would it make it okay?
See now I’m getting carried away
I can not
I shall not
I will
My will to “not” is growing thin
If only the sparks that flew
When I was blinded by love
Would begin again
But then again
If I was blinded, then
How could I see?
He, Me, and also We
Then there’s you
From a distance
Like an oasis in the sand
Perfect in my mind
But always out of the reach of my hand

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