UnSuppressed Freedom of text

I used to be in a place, cold and dark
With no where, it seemed, to turn
The pressure inside my ears and chest
From words dying to be heard
Was often silenced
By the tears, and the fear
Of hurting others
Although I felt it was them, who first hurt me.
Still I cared
My stone faced silence turned to anger
Which soon found itself tangled in my words
On the lines of notebook paper
Which turned and turned as they became filled


Then were suddenly snatched away
Leaving me again in silence
It suppressed me, depressed me
Made me flee
Running away from the only thing
I knew to be me
What had taken years to craft
Yet only seconds to love
“It’s for your own good”
Or some crap they made up
But years later I am here
Typing what ever the FUCK I please
The wick on my candle was shortened
But now my flames burn free

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