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Yes… It’s that bad

Back in my day (and mind you, I’m not even old) people used to talk to each other. The internet became the more convenient way to communicate. But it seems like we went from hand written letters, to long emails & blogs, to short status’ with likes and retweets, to pictures. Like… I’ve visited a few “blogs” that were considered successful by my peers, only to find a page with a LONG series of pictures, and brief captions. Have all the true bloggers disappeared? Or is Vlogging the new trend because half of this “new generation” is too incompetent to know the difference between there, their, and they’re. I even see were and we’re get confused all the time… Seriously?? O_o No boo boo, it is NOT cute to skip punctuation. Especially apostrophes. I understand that in this day and age everything is fast paced and abbreviated, but I find it sad that a lot of these kids can’t express themselves through written word. I’m not saying everyone, but check up on your cousins, nieces, and nephews. Ask them to write you three paragraphs about anything of their own choosing. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you find. Surprised at how well they did, or surprised that you didn’t know it was that bad… When is the last time you heard them read out loud, fluently and confidently?

I think that literature should be a great part of every person’s life. I don’t care what you read, but the fact is that most kids don’t like to read is a problem… Reading begats writing, and if it is not absolutely necessary, most people will not write.

Just my opinion tho….

1 thought on “Yes… It’s that bad”

  1. As an “old-timer” I agree with what you have said. I remember back in the day when families would send children from one part of the country to another during the summer, I met and grew to love a young woman who lived 9 states away from me. To keep in contact, we wrote letters to each other on a weekly basis. (For some of the youth reading this, it was a time when as teenagers we didn't have our own phones. There was one phone in the house and you'd better not be calling long distance on it!)
    To write one must first be able to read. As the old ad campaign said; “reading is fun-damental”. It seems as if we no longer want to read because that takes too long. I found that when I read and wrote my imagination would be stirred and I was able to be more competitive with my peers in the economic world. Sadly, so many of our youth have been either deprived of or blocked from developing imagination.
    I am of the opinion that without imagination you will become as a “bobble-head” doll or a puppet. You won't be able to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong or truth and lie. Some will disagree with that reasoning but I will counter that we haven't been taught how to reason so we don't. But that is another story in itself.


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