TeLLiey* Does Hair

After posting a pic on FB and receiving lots of positive feed back I’ve decided to stretch my reach. I offer hair services at an affordable price and if you’re in the Atlanta area, or where ever I happen to be at the time, I’ll come to you. (As long as the travel time is 30 minutes or less) Otherwise you have to come to me. As a reasonable person I understand that many people do not trust a “new set of hands” in their head, but I’m confident that after seeing and experiencing my services yourself, I’ll be one of the hands you prefer. To back this up, I offer 15% off of your very first service. For children’s ponytail styles, the first one is on me. What do you have to lose??

Services and Prices
Full Head Sew In – $75
Partial Sew In – $50
Custom Wig – $100 & up depending on the type
*Please note that all sew in’s include cut and minimal styling (bump)*

Adult Full Head Cornrows – $45 & up
Adult Half Head Cornrows – $25 & up
**I only do extensions, both micros and “poetic justice” braids, by special request. Contact me personally for details**

Natural Hair Care & Styling
Mild Press – $15 – $25 depending on hair length (no heat damage guaranteed)
Hard Press – $20 – $35 depending on hair length (no heat damage guaranteed)
Wet Twist Out & Go *defined curls* – $35 (“& Go” meaning you take them out yourself)
Wet Twist Out *defined curls* – $40
Dry Twist Out & Go – $30
Dusting Session (Search & Destroy) – Starting at $45
Dry Trim – $15
Wet Trim – $20
Protective styles – $25 & up **Bring a pic!!**
Shingling – $35 & up

Retwisting – $35 & up depending on the amount of new growth
Starting – $40 & up depending on the length of hair
Up Do’s – $50 & up

Full Head Cornrows – $35 & up
Half Head Cornrows – $15 & up
Ponytail Styles – Starting at $15
**Remember, for children’s ponytail styles, the first one is on me!!**

If you’d like a service but don’t see it on the list, simply send me a message and I can give you a quote. You can always send me a picture, and I’ll give you a price quote and inform you of if I am capable of doing the style. I WILL NOT BEGIN A STYLE I CAN NOT COMPLETE. Please note that there is NO booking fee. However, if you need to cancel please let me know at least 24 hours in advance; failing to do so will result in a $10 fine which will be added to your next completed appointment.

I am NOT a licensed beautician. I attended Empire Beauty School, but did NOT graduate or take the certification/licensing exam. I have been doing hair since I was 12 years old. This is a hobby. Prices reflect my time and effort. If you are looking for a licensed beautician, please seek a salon.

Questions? Shoot me a message by clicking the button located under the photo on the top right of the page.

2 thoughts on “TeLLiey* Does Hair”

  1. I do not provide my phone number or e-mail online. (I've gotten too much spam when I did) When you click on the “contact me” button you'll get a pop up where you can type your message and its sent straight to my inbox. You have to do a captcha which let's me know you're a real person. I will then provide you with my personal info and answer all of your questions.


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