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In the Eyes of a Child: Good Hair or Bad??


My dirty twist out
My daughter asked me last week if I was going inside of her school “looking like that.” I was dressed and ready for work. I washed my hair that morning and let it air dry while I was getting ready. Rushing, I left it as is.  When I asked her what she meant, she said that everyone would laugh at me because I looked silly. Chuckling to myself,  I assured her that they wouldn’t, and I would actually get compliments, which I did.

When I picked her up today she looked at my hair and said she didn’t like it; she would rather I wear my hair straight because it’s pretty… I remember a while back Chris Rock made the movie “Good Hair” because he didn’t want his daughters growing up thinking that their hair wasn’t pretty. I want to have a talk with my 4 year old about it, because it actually hurt my feelings a little with her essentially telling me my natural beauty was ugly. 
Her hair washed and air dried
At first I was going to wash her hair, let it air dry, and send her to school with her natural curls for a week, to show her that kinky curly hair is indeed beautiful. I have no doubts that she would be complimented all day. The problem is, my precious child has “good hair.” My initial thought (and please forgive me if I sound racist) is that she has been surrounded by people of other ethnicities who tend to have straight or wavy hair, and most of the black women she knew wore perms or some kind of straight or wavy weave. My child has no idea what kinky curly beauty is. Her hair is usually done in pigtails, and I recently braided her hair and added beads, which she loved. Whenever I did leave her hair out, I finger twisted it and it makes spirals. Well, she has another thing coming. I may just go with my gut and leave her hair out for her to see herself. No finger curling, no pony tail, just wash, air dry, shea butter and go. I certainly hope I do more help than harm, because aint no way in hell my baby is going to tell me that my black is not beautiful. I’m about to teach her a life lesson.
Finger Twisted Hair
Wash and Go


BTW If you haven’t heard, I have retired my flat iron for the year. I’m going to get a hair cut to even out my hair this weekend, and then I’m just going to let my soul flow. So be on the look out for move videos and how to’s.

2 thoughts on “In the Eyes of a Child: Good Hair or Bad??”

  1. Thank you. I'm a hair person, so she'll be introduced to a whole range of hair styles. I just want her to learn early that hair texture or style is not a means of telling pretty or ugly. Its either combed or uncombed. Only some people are lucky enough to get by on uncombed hair LoL.


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