Creamy Crack or Stick to Knaps?

I’ve been a “naturalista” for a while now. My last rendezvous with Creamy Crack was back in September of 2007. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, and believing the old wives tale that my baby would be bald if I permed my hair, I steered clear of the promise to silky smooth locks. Over the course of my pregnancy my hair grew at a rapid pace. By April I had more new growth than I knew what to do with and my permed ends were splitting left and right. All because I was still trying to comb and brush down to my scalp, which had been an easy task once before. In my frustration,  I decided it was be a quick and easy fix if I just cut my hair down to about an inch and get micro braids… So I did, and everyone was none the wiser. I guess you could call that my big chop and I’ve been natural ever since.
You would think that 6 years later I would have long beautiful hair right? WRONG! After chopping my locks, taking out my braids, and shocking my family and friends with my short and curly fro, I treated my hair like it was still permed; flat ironing frequently to get rid of the never ending frizz. I eventually heat damaged my hair to the point of no return. At that point I began researching natural hair and spent a crap ton of money buying products that promised to make my curly tresses more manageable. What I got was product build up, mangled hair, and a counter full of hair products that were useless to me.
I co-washed my hair last Saturday, combing through with my Denman brush before rinsing. After waiting until my hair was barely wet at the ends, I put in a leave in conditioner followed by a dime sized amount of Black Castor Oil. I put on a silk bonnet to preserve the curls. In the morning I would spray with water. At night it was leave in conditioner, oil, and bonnet. Today is Monday (a week and 2 days later) and my hair is hard and crunchy. It’s tangled down to the roots, and although I love my curly locks, it’s too much to deal with at times. Although my hair is fine, it has a tight curl that when brushed or combed out gives LOTS of volume making it seem like I have way more hair than I actually do. It’s soft and I know that my hair breaks easily so the finger detangling is too time consuming for me.
I feel like I’m at the point now where I know enough about hair in general and my hair specifically to take care of it if I was to perm again. However I would have loved to master the art of Curly Girl 101 and be a true natural lady. I just don’t have the patience to be honest. I feel like I’d be doing way more harm than good staying natural because with all these tangles I’m constantly pulling on my hair.
What do you think? What has your experience with natural hair been? To perm or not to perm; that is the question.

1 thought on “Creamy Crack or Stick to Knaps?”

  1. I've been natural since December 2012. I had a nice long transition. Now I'm probably 90% natural with only a few permed ends left. It's been quite a journey. I had to look in the mirror and LEARN to love my naps… wasn't easy. I've been thoroughly brainwashed by society and my family to believe that long straight hair is the most beautiful. But I've hung in there. Maybe u could get braids and take a break from dealing with your hair daily. Oh, and castor oil might be too heavy for your fine hair. Good luck!


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