Wigs & Weaves

Princess Hair Shop – Cambodian Loose Curly

The decision to purchase virgin extensions was a tough one, but after doing my research (and strategically saving my money) I finally decided to purchase hair from this company. It seemed as if every YouTube hair weave guru had hair from them, so even though it was expensive it should be worth it…. Well, it was!

I originally purchased this hair in March 2014, yes 1-4, and it is still going strong. Over the past 19 months some things have changed though. Keeping the hair moisturized is not as simple as is used to be. I must deep condition with heat prior to wearing this unit, and the curl pattern went from a loose wavy curly to more of a body wave pattern. I may have flat ironed this hair 3 or 4 times. Overall, I would say that this hair is a good buy.

I will be making an updated/retirement video soon!

Specs: Cambodian Loose Curly, 14″ Closure, 16″ & 18″ Bundles (one each)

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