Short Story

Best Friends: Sheep In Wolves Clothing (prelude)

Welcome back! Make sure you read part one of Best Friends so you can keep up with Tamika, Monique, and Jason in this short story series. I hope you enjoy.  Full story will be available on Amazon for Kindle Readers on October 1st.


“You like that shit?” She asked for the 100th time.

The locker was banging a rhythmic sound against the wall of the tiny storage room; one would more likely call it a closet, but a storage room nonetheless. Someone thought it clever to use the remaining tiny space to place a sturdy wooden slab that served as a table, or, in this scenario, a seat. I watched the brunette slam her ass in coitus on my dying erection. “What the fuck are you really doing?” I asked myself. I didn’t really want to be here, and yet, here I was, and I’d paid for the shit at that. Pitiful. I dropped my head with the thought while she continued to bang and cause the banging.


Everything was so twisted. I knew Tamika wouldn’t believe me if I told her the truth; and if, for the sake of argument, she did, would she even take me back after I embarrassed her in front of all of her friends? She didn’t have much family after all, so friends were it. I didn’t bother chasing her after my little performance. What was the point? She was going to want answers right then and there, after she beat my ass of course, and I was not in a position to give her the answers she was looking for; not without things potentially going awry.

I LOVE Tamika with my all, but I was bound to this situation. I have to abide by their rules, or a life could be at stake. Hell, lives! Including mine. Annisa and I had had impromptu performances similar to this before, but never at my school. Shit, never in the state of Florida! They always pulled this shit back in Brooklyn. I guess things were different now. I couldn’t risk my friend’s life like that, so when she ran into my arms whispering “just go with it,” I already knew what time it was.

My mother was in the crowd whooping in a fit of laughter and applause. She nhad never been a fan of Tamika for some reason so I kept the two apart, for my sanity more so than theirs. Annisa was a childhood friend, and a straight up lesbian, but she was also Muslim. Her family was from some tribe in Indonesia. If her father found out she was a lesbian, he’d either kill her himself or, have her sent back to Indonesia to be stoned in secret. When she kissed me, I kissed her back with everything I had, remembering the type of things I’d been made to do in the past. I put on a good show; I knew that her life depended on it since she was here, but I was dying on the inside knowing that I’d just lost the love of my life.

After the ceremony, I was met with an ecstatic mother, still laughing. “What in the… HA, HA, HA, What in the he-… HA HAAAA…” She fell into a coughing fit. Deep bellowing coughs that echoed through her tiny chest. I patted her on the back and quickly escorted her to a secluded area near the restroom. I didn’t want her big mouth spilling any unnecessary details to the wrong ears. I didn’t know who was watching so this was not the time for her antics.

“Ma, calm down.” I hugged her close to me, scanning the room, but she pushed me away, swatting at my arms. “Boy, if you don’t get the hell up off me and tell me what in God’s name is going on. You didn’t tell me you dropped that old bag and got a new girlfriend, let alone Annisa.”

“New is it? Annisa tells me you’ve been dating for quite some time now.” I looked to see a man walking in our direction.

“And who the hell are you exactly?” I asked. He was white; looked like he could’ve been a professor, or something, with his over washed, stiff ass, faded brown suit that was starched to the nines.

“Watch your tone young man,” He said. “I’m pretty sure you already know the drill.” He smirked and walked off. My blood turned to ice. “Come on ma,” I’d said practically dragging her behind me. We needed to get out of there now. I did NOT want my mother to be involved.


“It’s limp,” The brunette said as she turned and frowned. I could barely see her face in the dim light. I tried to make out her face as my head spun. She wasn’t even cute. Well, not that cute anyway. “How can she not be cute when I’m this drunk?” I thought. Oh well. I was frustrated and she was willing, for $40 no less. You get what you pay for right? It occurred to me that I need to get tested. I was so caught up thinking about Tamika that I didn’t recall putting on a condom. I realized for sure now that I didn’t. Great.

After the events preceding the graduation, I found myself in a shitty bar, drunker than I’d ever been in my life, crying my heart out to a brunette with the same name as my lost love. She held me against her ample bosom and rocked me like a baby. “I have something that’ll fix you right up,” She’d said. “It’s only $40 and I promise you’ll feel better in less than 15 minutes.” She smiled, looking me up and down. “Maybe more!” I grabbed her hand and followed.

Now here I am, with a limp dick, a broken heart, and a half cute brunette with her hand out waiting for her $40. I leaned over to pull my pants up and my head swirled. I threw up all over her. In the barely lit closet, excuse me, “storage room,” she panicked and fell on the floor into a crumpled up mess at my feet.  It reeked of alcohol. She was screaming now and I heaved again. She scrambled to open the door and ran half naked down the hallway, still screaming. I was wrenching again and laughing between hurls. At least my day couldn’t get any worse than this, I thought. Until I heard my name bellowed. “Jason!”

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