Postpartum Shedding

You asked, and I’m delivering! Let’s talk about postpartum shedding. When I started my Sisterlock journey back in 2016, my son was 7 weeks old. He was my 2nd child and I hadn’t experienced/noticed the shedding when I was wearing my hair in wash and sets 8 years prior after having my first child. You can imagine how shocked I was when one of my precious little locks fell out, but it didn’t just fall out on it’s own. There were several things I did to contribute to this.

First of all, as a person with fine low density hair, my hair was thin to begin with. After my install, I felt most comfortable wearing the bamboo knots that I originally had. This tension didn’t cause my shedding, but most certainly aided in it. Once I got over the knots, I forced my too short hair into tight ponytails and eventually graduated to braids and began wearing wigs… without a cap.

Can you see what I’m getting at here? I contributed to the shedding. Postpartum shedding isn’t guaranteed to happen but it is fairly common. After seeing one too many a lock fall, I decided to fight back by taking The Main Choice hair vitamins. The did indeed work FOR ME, but they were too pricey for my liking so I switched to Hair Skin & Hails in the pink bottle. This had and still has the same effect of restoring my edges and combating the shedding as well as time. Your hair will eventually grow back, but as is my motto with my hair care, don’t forget to leave it alone! Over manipulation is the key cause of breakage.

Check out my hair journey from big chop to sisterlocked and watch as I too struggled with thinning hair and lost locks.

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