About Me

Chantel, known by friends and family as TeLLiey*, is a self proclaimed “Jane of all trades, and master of some.” Currently a wife and mother of 4, she is also an Author, Model, Blogger, Public Speaker, Doula, Photographer and ‘Sisterlock Bae‘.

As a single teen mom, she persevered through some pretty rough times, with the goal of providing a better life for her daughter. It was during these times that her writing evolved and she set her dreams on writing a novel, a tell all, so to speak. Instead, a blog was created, as she wondered if her words even mattered. Eventually, she mustered up the courage to publish her first short story.

Telliey, the author, autographs her work with her own unique style of conversational writing. She is an amazing writer with an urban chic style, all her own. With hopes of becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author, she has evolved from raps and poems to short stories which you can find on amazon or download on Kindle.

In 2010 she found her self modeling by accident and went on to be featured in several music videos in 2011. After attending and subsequently dropping out of college, she met her current husband and shortly after, moved to Atlanta. Putting her writing on the back burner brought out other hobbies. As a student at Dance 411, she soon found herself in a production for and with Keaira Lashay, while pregnant at that.

While accomplishing these milestones, she secretly was battling her mental health issues. It was only after her las child was born that she finally sought professional help. Telliey “deals with” depression as she puts it. “I don’t suffer from [depression], if anything my family suffers. I never know when I’m in a down point until things are spiraling out of control.” She does not let that hold her back from life though.

In February 2021, on her anniversary with her husband, her life was spared in a car accident during one of New Jersey’s worst winter storms in years. It was in that accident that her hand was badly injured resulting in a Ray Amputation of her index finger. It was also that year that she traveled more than she had in a single year than she ever had in her entire life. Determined to LIVE and not just survive, her story continues.

Gaining notability from multiple Lock Influencer and West Indian accounts for both her locks and her belly, Telliey went semi viral during one of Atlanta Dekalb Caribbean Carnival. Since then she’s decided to make her way into the Influencer world, hoping to use her hair as a platform to speak about other important topics that are typically taboo.

A New York native Army Brat with Caribbean roots, TeLLiey* Reneé invites you to share her work, her joy, her pain, and her journey through Motherhood, Wifedom, Entrepreneurship, Depression, and Adulting.

She currently resides in the Greater Atlanta Area with her husband, their 4 children, 2 dogs, and their turtle, Elvis.

For questions or other inquiries: contact@tellieyrenee.com