About Me

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Chantel, known by friends and family as TeLLiey*, autographs her work with her own unique style of conversational writing. She is an amazing writer with an urban chic style, all her own. With hopes of becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author, she has evolved from raps and poems to short stories and is currently working on her first novel.

She began writing at the age of 12, when she felt left out by a group of peers who were writing raps. Feeling up to the challenge, she wrote a 20 bar verse (that she will gladly spit to this day) leaving the group baffled. They even claimed she had not penned the work herself; this motivated her to write more.

Once she started high school, her boyfriend was a battle rapper, which only encouraged the shenanigans. Unfortunately (for the rap world) rap was a bit to hostile for her and she began writing poems, which turned into short stories, which turned into a blog, which turned into this website.

TeLLiey* “deals with” depression as she puts it. “I don’t suffer from [depression], if anything my family suffers. I never know when I’m in a down point until things are spiraling out of control.” She does not let that hold her back from her craft though.

Often hearing the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Chantel is making an attempt to do just that. Tired of the barrage of negative images featuring brutality, over sexualization, and fear based reporting in nearly ALL media, she hopes to bring Habari Nzuri to her audience. (Habari Nzuri means Good News in Swahili.) By creating a ripple of goodness  in the internet tide, greater things are sure to come.

A New York native Army Brat with Caribbean roots, TeLLiey* Reneé invites you to share her work, her joy, her pain, and her journey through Motherhood, Wifedom, Entrepreneurship, Depression, and Adulting.

She currently resides in the NYC tristate area with her husband, their 3 children, and cat, Moose.

For questions or other inquiries: info@tellieyrenee.com