Short Story

Best Friends: Sheep In Wolves Clothing (prelude)

Welcome back! Make sure you read part one of Best Friends so you can keep up with Tamika, Monique, and Jason in this short story series. I hope you enjoy.  Full story will be available on Amazon for Kindle Readers on October 1st. *** "You like that shit?" She asked for the 100th time. The… Continue reading Best Friends: Sheep In Wolves Clothing (prelude)



Want to be my proof reader for the next part in my Best Friend's series. 😏 You'll get a sneak peek behind why Jason did what he did and who that girl really is. Send an email to naming 3 reasons why I should choose you. I will be going through some of the… Continue reading **CONTEST** BE MY PROOF… READER


Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Most people that have had an experience with hives usually have had a temporary break out. Spots or bumps appear on the skin and they usually itch and/or burn for a few hours before going away. Imagine experiencing that for days at a time over the period of months... how about years... This has been… Continue reading Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Wigs & Weaves

Princess Hair Shop – Cambodian Loose Curly

The decision to purchase virgin extensions was a tough one, but after doing my research (and strategically saving my money) I finally decided to purchase hair from this company. It seemed as if every YouTube hair weave guru had hair from them, so even though it was expensive it should be worth it.... Well, it… Continue reading Princess Hair Shop – Cambodian Loose Curly


Creamy Crack or Stick to Knaps?

I've been a "naturalista" for a while now. My last rendezvous with Creamy Crack was back in September of 2007. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, and believing the old wives tale that my baby would be bald if I permed my hair, I steered clear of the promise to silky smooth locks. Over the course… Continue reading Creamy Crack or Stick to Knaps?